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Still-Well Student Wellness Program
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Still-Well Student Wellness Program

Welcome to the Still-Well Program where students learn the value of balancing demanding academics with the other parts of life.

A.T. Still University (ATSU) provides students with a caring, nurturing environment in which to learn, live, and thrive. The Still-Well Student Wellness Program is designed to encourage students’ health and wellness throughout their educational experience, enabling them to reach their maximum potential in body, mind, and spirit.

The founder of osteopathic medicine and our university, A.T. Still, DO, believed that an active body helped nurture an inquisitive and informed mind. Named after Dr. Still, Still-Well was founded in 1991 and is one of the most extensive and successful wellness programs among U.S. graduate schools. True to Dr. Still’s philosophy, this holistic approach to health care is distinctive of ATSU.

An important concept of the Still-Well philosophy is to practice and promote a healthy lifestyle. Students first must understand and integrate wellness practices into their own lives. Wellness at ATSU is defined as a balance of intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, social, environmental, development.

  • Overview +

    • What exactly is the Still-Well Student Wellness Program? This program uses the distinctive osteopathic philosophy of holistic medicine to encourage students to be mindful of their wellness and health throughout their academic studies at ATSU. In addition, it provides an atmosphere in which students can reach their maximum potential in mind, body, and spirit.

      Why should you care about your overall wellness? To give to others, a person must have their basic needs met. It is impossible to give what you don’t have.

      What are the components of the Still-Well Student Wellness Program? Wellness promotes an optimal physical and mental wellbeing, a preventative way of living that reduces the need for remedies. The Still Well program is designed to encourage students’ health and wellness throughout their educational experience. The Wellness Model is composed of seven developmental areas: physical, environmental, social, professional, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional. The Still Well program incorporates all seven of these areas to encourage work/school:life balance. Throughout the academic year, Still Well offers several activities and events for students to engage and improve their overall wellbeing.

  • Fitness Facility — Arizona +

    • YMCA on the ATSU-Arizona Campus

      All ATSU-Arizona campus based students and employees receive a free annual membership to the Ross Farnsworth YMCA located on the ATSU-Arizona campus. This free benefit is provided to encourage students and employees to maintain a work/school and life balance. The YMCA schedule can be found on the website and offers free fitness classes, weights, state of the art exercise machines, kid-watch, and includes a basketball court and a swimming pool.

      ATSU is proud to meet the fitness, exercise, and recreational needs of students and employees. Students and employees can purchase family memberships directly through the YMCA membership services desk. Membership at the Ross Farnworth YMCA can be used at all YMCA facilities within the Valley of the Sun.