Effect of Chlorine Dioxide rinse in adolescents

Marc Shlossman, DDS, MS
Ann Spolarich, RDH, PhD
Participating Organizations:
Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health
The purpose of this pilot project was to determine the efficacy of using stabilized chlorine dioxide with fluoride mouthrinse (ClōSYS Fluoride Oral Rinse) for preventing the development of plaque and gingivitis in the 12-17 year old orthodontic patient population.
In this pilot study, male subjects demonstrated reduced plaque throughout and reduced gingivitis around anterior teeth with use of stabilized chlorine dioxide rinse. These findings suggest that a gender difference in oral hygiene behaviors was observed in this study population. Overall, rinsing with stabilized chlorine dioxide was generally not superior to rinsing with placebo. Results may have been influenced by variation in the time of day that subjects were examined in relation to their routine oral hygiene behaviors (eg. after school). Clinically beneficial effects may be attributed to the act of rinsing itself, regardless of which product was used. Additional research is needed to statistically assess mouthrinse benefits in this population.
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