Why I Did the DMSc | Jessica G


I first discovered ATSU’s DMSc program through an online search for a program that fit my needs as a working PA. I had been interested in pursuing a doctorate for many years, but only recently, programs geared towards working PAs were developed. One of the most important factors that led to my decision to apply to ATSU was the ability to concentrate my studies on PA education without already being a PA educator.

Ever since I graduated from PA school in 2008, I was interested in eventually becoming involved in PA education. Along my career path, I also became more involved in PA advocacy and leadership at the state level. ATSU’s DMSc program came along just as I was looking for a way to further advance my leadership skills and gain some concrete training in PA education. Additionally, my clinical experience is unique for a PA; I work in clinical research. Many of ATSU’s courses, such as Medical Writing, Quality Improvement in Healthcare, and Research Methods in Healthcare, helped hone my research skills. There is also flexibility in the capstone project, I have been able to leverage my work resources and experience to perform original research to meet this final degree requirement.

Overall, ATSU’s DMSc program has met all my expectations. I feel the curriculum and faculty have met me where I am in my career, helping me leverage current knowledge, develop new skills, and improve abilities that have remained stagnant over the past 13 years. I am proud to be a student in the inaugural cohort and would recommend ATSU without reservation to any PA considering a doctoral degree.

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