Why I Did the DMSc | Norman D


A few years ago, Dr. Poppre and Dr. Danielsen sent ATSU alumni an email about the new DMSc program with concentrations in leadership and education. I was more interested in clinical and they told me that was in the making. So, when the clinical track was added, I enrolled. As of June 2021, I will be halfway through and can’t believe how fast it’s gone by!

I decided to get a doctorate later in life, after seeing that achieving the DMSc will give more creditability to the PA profession. When I got accepted into the program, I was surprised at how quickly the process occurred and I was elated. I plan on framing my acceptance letter once I get my DMSc. I was not worried about the cost the DMSc program, as I’ve had a very successful career, however, the 20% alumni discount was nice.

Dr. Danielsen has been a mentor for over 20 years, first through my MSPAS and now the DMSc. Dr. Danielsen has always been a phone call or email away for advice and support. Also, my wife who has handled the day-to-day stresses so I can concentrate on school.

Going into the DMSc, I didn’t see how I was going to have the time, but the program is very well laid out and if you need to have an extension due to work there has never been a problem. Deadlines aren’t written in stone and help is a phone call, Zoom, or email away. I started the program during COVID and was very concerned, but the professors are the most supportive group of people I’ve ever met. They always encourage communication and healthy ways to cope with the stress.

The DMSc program at ATSU offers more clinical knowledge and the ability to teach in future. I participated in the DMSc to continue my own clinical career path. Before starting the program, I was most looking forward to research on telehealth and any class with Dr. Danielsen or Dr. Simon.

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