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I am currently a practicing PA in Emergency Medicine with many years of prior experience as a paramedic. Ironically, my BA is in marketing, so I also appreciate the business side of medicine. My goal is to become a faculty member at some point, much like many of the other students in doctoral programs across the country.

I have been in leadership positions for many years as a Paramedic Crew Chief and the lead PA for our ER. Years ago, I was on the first tactical med team for Charleston County EMS, participated with the Search and Rescue team, and was a member of the DMAT team for South Carolina. I also had the privilege of being on the PIER team for our state doing PR work for EMS. It's been a fun and rewarding ride!

Along the way, I seemed to always have been involved in education by teaching other paramedics, and med students who would ride along, ACLS, BLS, etc. And, like Mr. Rosenberg, leadership and education were things I did because they came naturally, and I loved doing it. About six years ago, I joined the Medical University of South Carolina's College of Health Professions team as an adjunct instructor teaching Clinical Problem Solving and became involved in their precepting program teaching students during their ER rotations. Regardless of all that experience (31 years), as well as the pleasure and privilege of being taught by and working beside some of the finest people I've ever met, my desire to become a faculty member at a university absolutely requires a doctoral degree!

I chose A.T. Still University (ATSU) because the University seems to offer much more within their programs, and I felt like it was such a thoughtful approach to education. Not only do they have different concentration tracks within the Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) program, but the program also offers certificates for other pathways. I decided to follow the Disaster Management track because that's where my passion lies and it's where I believe I can make the biggest difference. My overall goal, however, is to also obtain certificates in education and leadership as well so that I can pass along my knowledge and experience to our future providers, much like I'm doing now. I'm also hoping that this whole adventure will afford me the opportunity to explore how the PA profession can progress in South Carolina where I am deeply rooted. We have come a long way in our state, but there is so much more to look forward to!

Thank you, ATSU, for all that you and your colleagues do!

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