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ATSU Continuing Education

About continuing education

A.T. Still University provides continuing education opportunities for the University's colleges/schools, graduates, faculty, and the professional communities of health professions to ensure they reach their greatest potential through their careers, ultimately impacting patient care and well-being.

We value:

  • The Whole Person – Graduates and faculty and those they serve
  • Lifelong Learning – For faculty and graduates
  • Learning Together – Creating a diverse community of learners
  • Bridging Gaps – Continuing the progression
  • Encouraging and Engaging – Interprofessional learning

Our mission and vision

A.T. Still University's continuing education opportunities are dedicated to preparing highly competent professionals, with a commitment to collaborative learner-centered education, continuing the osteopathic heritage, and focusing on whole person healthcare. In fulfillment of this mission, we strive to educate health professionals on evidence-based content relevant to their practice, contributing to improvements in knowledge and/or clinical performance, which positively affects patient outcomes.

ATSU fulfills a need by helping healthcare professionals keep abreast of changes in healthcare, as well as by providing a mechanism for maintenance of licensure.