Program Cost

For current tuition and fee rates, please visit the ATSU Finance Office Website.


The information regarding tuition refund can be found at the ATSU Financial Website.

Additional Program Cost** for Year 1 and 2

Year 1 Rental Expenses in Santa Maria (more information here)

  • 1 Bedroom Rental = $1480/mo x 12 month: $17,760

Year 2 Travel/Rental Expenses (local and national averages used)

  • Flight to clinical training location
    • Average flight cost (US) $359


  • National average for 1 person rental

    • $1180/mo x 12 mo $14,160


  • Return to campus end of year 2 x 1 flight $359

    • Hotel $124/day
    • 4 night stay $500


National Rental by Zip Code - Click Here

** rates subject to change due to inflationary increases and is used for the purposes of estimating program costs only