Michael W. Bradbury, PhD


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Research Interests: Dr. Bradbury’s research interests center on uptake of fatty acids into cells and the function of fatty acid transporters, especially in the setting of obesity and hepatic steatosis. Understanding these processes and molecules will help us describe the processes whereby excess fats accumulate in adipose and liver tissue, leading to obesity, diabetes and fatty liver disease of various types. This knowledge could lead to better treatments for disorders and interventions that may prevent their development.


PhD - Yale University (1982)
MPhil - Yale University (1979)
BS - Rochester Institute of Technology (1976)

Scholarly Activity

Research Publications:

| Carter, ML, Bradbury MW, 2016. Oxygen Isotope Ratios in Primate Bone Carbonate Reflect Amount of Leaves and Vertical Stratification in the Diet. Am. J. Primatol., 78:1086-1097 (doi:10.1002/ajp.22432)

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Books, Chapters, and Reviews:

2015 | Bradbury, MW, K Riggs, E Hengstebeck. Integrating Basic and Clinical Sciences Using an Exercise Aimed at Eliciting Family History from Standardized Patients, IAMSE conference

2015 | Hernandez, M, M Robinson, B Kessler, M Bradbury. Reflections on the First Academic School Year of a New Medical School, IAMSE conference

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2015 | Bradbury, MW. The role of free fatty acids in the increase in fatty liver disease. Ninety-second Annual Meeting of the Alabama Academy of Science, Inc., Livingston, AL (Oral presentation)

2014 | Bradbury, MW. Implementing active learning at a new medical school and student response to different learning formats, IAMSE conference

2014 | Bradbury, MW. Challenges and Obstacles: ACOM, presented as part of a Focus Session on Challenges and Obstacles for the First Year of a New Medical School at the Annual IAMSE conference (Oral presentation)

2013 | Peterson, HL, A Hudder, MW Bradbury. The effects of excess fructose, glucose, and xylose on lipogenic gene expression and fat accumulation of HuH-7 hepatoma cells in long-term culture. LECOM Research Day

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