Human Patient Simulation Center

In order to maximize the preparedness of our students to perform as skilled physicians, KCOM utilizes Laerdal adult (8) and child (2) simulators, 1 Gaumard mother and infant simulators, and 2 Simbionix colonoscopy, endoscopy and bronchoscopy trainers. At every level of patient care, hands-on experience is the best teacher. The patient simulators are a computer-driven-model, full-sized mannequin which delivers experiences in true-to-life scenarios that swiftly change to meet the instructors’ goals. These ultra sophisticated and highly versatile simulators have voice capability and mimic chest rise and fall, have heart and lung sounds, have pulses, and accurately mirror human responses to such procedures as CPR, intravenous medication, intubation, ventilation, and catheterization.

How is this possible? Through a painstaking marriage of “high touch” with “high tech”, these dramatically functional mannequins exhibit clinical signals so lifelike that students have been known to cry when they “die”. Add to this a profound array of intricately programmed systems – cardiovascular, pulmonary, genitourinary (male and female), neurological, and the ability to respond to pharmacological interventions – and you have an easily controlled teaching laboratory where students can practice again and again, until the highest-quality patient care becomes second nature.

For further information, please contact:

Trish Sexton, DHEd

Associate Dean, Medical Education