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Research Publications

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Singh VK, Utaida S, Jackson LS, Jayaswal RK, Wilkinson BJ, Chamberlain NR. Role for dnaK locus in tolerance of multiple stresses in Staphylococcus aureus. Microbiology. 2007 Sep;153(Pt 9):3162-73

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Presentations/Published Abstracts

Alviar AF, Fleschner CR, Stuart MK; Fragmented Forms of Galectin Related Inter-fiber Protein are Uniquely Associated with the Water Insoluble Membrane Fraction of Normal Rat Lens; 47th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology; Washington, D.C.; Dec. 1-5, 2007

Gocht D#, Sargin D, Sperling S, Ehrenreich H, Heinrich R (2007) Expression and function of erythropoietin and its receptor in invertebrate nervous systems. 31st Göttingen Neurobiology Conference - 7th Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society in Göttingen, Germany, Proceedings T3-6A

Gocht D#, Sargin D, Sperling S, Ehrenreich H, Heinrich R (2007) Expression and function of human erythropoietin-responsive receptors in invertebrate nervous systems. 37th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego, USA, OASIS 873.4/E14

Sargentini NJ, McNabb JE, Higbee D, Stuart MK, Chamberlain NR, Lockwood MD; Using Standardized Patient Encounters To Improve Basic Science Understanding And Integrate Professional Behavior And Clinical Skills Assessment Within Two Medical School Basic Science Courses; Central Group on Educational Affairs, Association of American Medical Colleges Spring Conference; Indianapolis, IN; March 22-24, 2007, poster presentation.

Books, Chapters, Reviews

Brechue WF. “Fitness development and assessment”. Fit and Active: The West Point Physical Development Program Strategies for High School Teachers (M LeBoeuf and L Butler, eds). Human Kinetics Publishing. November, 2007

Pratt, R, E Adewale, MW Bradbury. Targeting a Mitochondrial Enzyme to the Secretory Pathway by Leader Sequence Exchange. LECOM Research Day and TREC Research Day