Top Ten Application Mistakes

Mistake One

Not contacting AACOMAS or the Office of Admissions to verify that all items of the application have been received.

Mistake Two

Waiting too long to write the personal statement (maybe even writing it in a day) and not seeking feedback from valuable resources, such as advisors, friends, professors, and parents.

Mistake Three

Under-explaining or over-explaining discrepancies (such as gaps in time or a series of poor grades) in the application. Seek guidance from an advisor.

Mistake Four

Starting the process too late. The "process" includes everything from clinical exposure to actually filing the application. Start early and devote time and energy to every step.

Mistake Five

Sharing too little of personal drive and desire. We see many personal statements that reflect what students consider to be "ideal" steps in the application process (clinical experience, work history details, and so on). We would like to hear more about the specific examples that accompany such experiences.

Mistake Six

Not typing the application. If at all possible, typewritten applications are preferred.

Mistake Seven

Getting letters of evaluation from individuals who have only known the applicant for a short period of time. Build relationships!

Mistake Eight

Acting inappropriately when contacting our office or coming for an interview. Every part of the application process is a part of our decision.

Mistake Nine

Not taking the opportunity to practice interview skills.

Mistake Ten

Demonstrating only a cursory understanding of osteopathic medicine (best seen in statements that repeat our brochures to us). Take the time to read and reflect on what osteopathic medicine is and what it means personally.