Campus Visits

Can I visit KCOM prior to application?
Yes. You may contact the Office of Admissions to set up a time for a campus tour.

AACOMAS Application

When should I apply?
As early as possible - applications can be filed beginning June 1st. The deadline for primary AACOMAS applications is February 1st.

Secondary Application

When is the deadline?
The secondary application is due by March 1st.

What do I need to do to receive the secondary application?
All applicants with an average cumulative and average science GPA of 2.80 will receive secondary application information.

When will I receive the secondary application?
Secondary applications are sent once the AACOMAS application is processed and GPA minimum requirements are verified. The secondary applications are sent electronically.

What should I know about the secondary application?
Do not duplicate essay material from your AACOMAS application. Really think of your responses to the essays - do not duplicate our literature. Read up on osteopathic medicine and be able to share how it relates to you and your professional goals.

Early Decision Program

How do I apply the Early Decision Program?
If you have an average cumulative and average science GPA of at least 3.50 and earned a 502 or higher on the MCAT, you are eligible to apply for early decision. AACOMAS applications must be filed by August 1st and all secondary materials must be filed by September 15th. Contact the Office of Admissions at (660) 626-2237 for complete Early Decision information.

When will I know if I have been accepted for Early Decision?
Notification of status will be made within two weeks of interview.

Application Review Process

How are application files assessed?
The screening committee reviews every application in its entirety.

Am I a competitive applicant?
At KCOM, we look at all aspects of an applicant’s file. To see how you compare to our averages, please see our Class Statistics or contact an Admissions Counselor to talk about your unique situation.

Status Check

Should I contact the Office of Admissions to check on the status of my application?
If you have submitted your secondary application, you can return to that site to check status.


What happens after my file is complete?
Your file goes to the Screening Committee to be assessed. We encourage applicants to contact the Admissions Office to check on the status of their application.


When do interviews begin?
The application cycle begins on June 1st. Interviews begin shortly after the first completed applications are received, typically in October.

When will I find out if I have received an interview?
After your file has been reviewed by the Screening Committee, you will be notified by mail of our decision. In some cases, files are held for later review - you will be notified by mail if this occurs.

What is the interview day like?
There are two groups on each of the interview days. The morning interview group schedule starts at 8:45 am and ends around 2:00 pm. The afternoon interview group schedule starts around 11:45 am and ends around 4:45 pm. There are three half hour long individual interviews with a basic science faculty member, a clinician, and a member of the Admissions team. Lunch, a demonstration of osteopathic manipulation, and a tour of the campus will be with students. In addition, a curriculum presentation will be given and a tour of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine will be scheduled. Guests will be provided with an information overview with an ATSU staff member and a member of our Student Advocate Association. At the end of your day, you can visit the Thompson Campus Center for a self-guided tour and free workout, if you wish, before going home.

How long after an interview will it take for a decision to be made?
Decisions are released according to when you interview. Applicants are encouraged to apply early. The interview cycle begins in October.

Fee Payments

What are the required fee payments after I am accepted?
After you are accepted, there is a $1000 acceptance fee, a $500 pre-matriculation fee, and a $500 pre-registration fee. Payment due dates will be determined according to when the acceptance is offered.

For application questions or assistance, please contact AACOMAS Customer Service which includes contact information, instructions, and other important details.