We asked our students why they like KCOM. Here is what they had to say...

Jason R., student

“I chose to attend KCOM because of how welcomed I felt from the moment I arrived in Kirksville to the moment I left. Even though I was just an applicant, I felt that people were happy to see me, from the driver of my taxi, to the staff members conducting my interviews I wanted to go to school somewhere where the faculty and staff were happy to have me, and that was clearly the case at ATSU. I’m happy to say that sense of community deepened and developed over the course of my time on campus and continued into my clinical rotations. I knew that medical school would require a support system, but what I didn’t know was that the my school could—and would—be a part of that support.”
- Jason R., OSM III

Esther R., student

“Most of the diversity on campus comes from students having gathered from all over the country bringing different personalities, religions, perspectives and experiences. It adds a lot of flavor, love, and laughter to the everyday intensities of medical school.”
- Esther R.

Zack S., student

“I chose ATSU-KCOM because of it’s friendly and welcoming environment, the history that surrounds the school, and the fantastic opportunities and resources available to us. As the founding osteopathic school, there is an emphasis on whole person healthcare, and learning how to incorporate these principles int ical school that has such a strong set of core values, and really makes sure that students are its first priority.”
- Zack, S., OMS I

ATSU-KCOM student Allison Schuessler

“I’ve been able to meet fantastic people from all parts of the country, which allows for great perspectives on different ways of life.”
- Allison S.

“I chose ATSU because every single faculty member and professor went out of their way to make me feel comfortable on interview day. Everyone involved with the school made it seem like they were here to ensure that the students succeeded. After being here for two years, I realize that my experience on interview day was a perfect representation of how the school is ran on a daily basis. It is truly about the students first and preparing them to be the best physicians possible.”
- Paul W., OMS II