An ideal candidate for admission to A.T. Still University’s Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri aligns well with ATSU-KCOM’s mission to create empathetic physicians aspiring to provide healthcare in medically underserved communities.

The ideal candidate not only understands but also identifies with the tenets and philosophy of osteopathic medicine. Through volunteerism and/or work experience, the candidate is able to demonstrate a strong and compassionate commitment to medically underserved populations.

Candidates for admission to ATSU-KCOM are strongly encouraged to have exposure in the following ways:

  • Gain clinical exposure in a healthcare environment.
  • Spend time shadowing an osteopathic physician and obtain a letter of support from that physician.
  • Provide a letter of support from a supervisor of activities involving outreach to medically underserved populations.

An ideal ATSU-KCOM candidate for admission also has the ability to manage a rigorous academic schedule and can demonstrate proficiency in biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, anatomy, and physiology.

ATSU-KCOM applicants typically complete four years of undergraduate work culminating in a bachelor’s degree to be considered. Osteopathic medical schools require one year each of physics, biological sciences, organic chemistry, general chemistry, and six semester hours of English.

Taking the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is a requirement for all applicants. The MCAT examines knowledge and skill in areas such as biology, math, reading, and problem-solving. Applicants can receive assistance from a pre-medical advisor to schedule and prepare for this examination.

Because osteopathic medicine is a people-oriented profession that demands dedicated and empathetic individuals, prospective students must exhibit a genuine concern for people. Prospective ATSU-KCOM students will be evaluated in three major areas: academic accomplishment, personal characteristics of a healer, and propensity to serve the underserved.

Osteopathic colleges require a personal interview during the application procedure. Students will be located at the Kirksville Campus during their first and second years. They then spend years 3 - 4 at one of 12 Community Campuses across the country.